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The mention of podcasts will probably ring a bell with Apple rather than with Google, as the former company has from the very beginning been associated with this feature as evidenced by the “iPod” brand name, which many say was derived from this podcasts feature.

This is about to change as Google will also be introducing the same podcasts feature on its rival music streaming service, Google Play Music.

In addition to getting access to podcasts via the Play Music app, the users of Android devices will also be able to access a huge collection of music tracks, which is about 40 million. There is news that the company has already started connecting with renowned podcasters such as HBO and HowStuffWorks. Furthermore, the users of this new service will also be served with on-board podcasters like Dave Ramsey, Head Gun, the Sideshow Network, Earworld as well as Tim Ferriss.

Easily discover interesting music on Play Music

According to the product manager of Play Music Elias Roman, podcasts will be very helpful when it comes to discovering music that they will likely find to be very interesting. “The streaming service currently helps lots of people connect to tunes that perfectly fit whatever they are doing, be it when stuck in traffic, hitting the gym or even when staying up late with some friends”, she wrote in a blog post.

“But what if the same technology can be leveraged in connecting the same people with podcasts in accordance to what they are feeling or their interests – something that will make them laugh, learn new things or even get carried away in a story? Well, we thought this would be extremely awesome”, she added.

Just like any other music service, it will be possible to check out your most favored podcasts and even browse through different categories, but this is not all. There is more to this than just providing users with the power to access millions of songs as Google aims to take on Cupertino’s Apple Music.

The service will be able to record your moods, recent songs you played as well as tunes that draw much interest from you. In this way, the app will make things a lot easier when it comes to finding the tunes that you love most, based on your interests or taste.

The launch date of this service is still unknown, but the excitement in the Google camp can’t go unnoticed. The search engine giant has already opened up a portal for the Play Music where users can upload their podcasts. However, this platform is open to the U.S. dwellers only. Google is expected to avail this feature in Q1 2016.