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Is your smartphone still running on Android Lollipop or you’ve just upgraded your device to this version and you’re experiencing problems, more or less serious, don’t panic, because there are solutions for most of them. Below, we’ll give you a list of common issues and solutions for them.


Usually, every smartphone heats up when it sits in direct light or when the user opens up many applications and 3D games, which are also eating up all of their system’s memory. We recommend you to check which application is misbehaving by trying Safe Mode, or if you’re using a heavy case for your phone, get rid of it, because it’s the reason why heat can’t dissipate.

OTA Broken

On some modded devices, there are problems with the installation of the OTA update and the users don’t have other solution but to flash a stock image again.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Every Android version comes with WiFi connectivity issues, among others. There are a few solutions for this problem, so you can either toggle off and on the airplane mode, forget and reconnect to the network, restart your phone or your rooter. If you’re still having trouble with disconnections, switch between the WiFi frequency bands or wait until Google releases a new patch.

Battery Bugs

Whenever you’re installing a new Android firmware, you’ll experience battery drains which can be quite frustrating. This happens when the update is applied over the top of the current firmware, so here’s what you can do in this situation. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset section for a full backup and factory reset.

Flashlight Bugs

If you’re using the flashlight in the dark and you’re keeping it on for a while, usually, it automatically times out. But if freezes and it doesn’t turn off, you’ll need to reboot your device.

Camera Bugs

Some users complained that after they upgraded their devices to Lollipop, the camera stopped working and that the icon to switch to the front camera disappeared. In this case, the bug can be fixed by deleting the Camera app’s data by going to Settings > Apps > All > Camera and tap Clear data.

Fast Charging Issues

There are high end smartphones which support Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 2.0 feature, but not all of them are shipped with a QuickCharge charger and these devices are encountering incompatibilities with other fast chargers. If the fast charger you’ve downloaded doesn’t work, install other third party fast charger until you’ll find the right one.