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Google has introduced the latest Android Marshmallow along with its new Nexuses, but the users realized that the operating system has its flaws and it can be quite buggy. But for most of the problems are solutions and in this article we’ll teach you how to solve the main issues which affect the performance of the 6.0 Marshmallow.

Installation Problems

If you’re noticing that the installation of Marshmallow takes too long, it’s better to wait, because normally, it completes in a few minutes. But if you’re running out of patience and you’re realizing that there’s something wrong with the installation, then it’s better to interrupt it, wipe the system cache, then restart and try again to install Marshmallow. If it’s not working this time either, you should back up your data and perform a factory reset, then try to update again.

Battery Drains

It’s annoying to run out of juice fast when you’re connected to a WiFi network and you’re browsing the internet. The first solution will send you to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset, where you’ll clear the connection data, then you’ll reconfigure Bluetooth and cellular data. Another thing you can do is to disable WiFi scanning from Settings > Location > Scanning, which usually runs in the background even if you’re turning off WiFi.

There is also a general battery drain in Android which is related to the applications which need to be updated more often. The users are advised to update their applications, then wipe the app and system cache by going to Settings > Apps > select app > Storage > Clear cache. All apps caches can be cleared simultaneously by going to Settings > Storage and USB > Cached data > OK.

The system cache can be cleared by turning off the phone and then pressing Power and Volume down buttons until the Fastboot menu appears. Highlight Recovery using the volume buttons and select it using the Power button. When the robot is shown on its back, you will need to access the recovery menu by holding the Power and press Volume Up buttons once. Select Wipe cache partition using the volume button and confirm it by pressing the Power button. Reboot your device after wiping the system cache.

WiFi Connectivity Issues

WiFi connectivity issues are normal and they can be solved toggling off and on the Airplane Mode. If it’s not working, then you should turn off WiFi, restart the phone and try to reconnect to a WiFi network. Eventually, you will need to head to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset.

Mobile Data Problems

After updating to Marshmallow, many users noticed that their mobile data is acting weird and they solved the problem by turning on and off the Airplane mode or Mobile data from the Quick settings. In some cases, the users had to restart their devices, but they kept them off for a minute and restarted them.