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Kids have a difficult time trying to understand or use Google Maps.

The app has proven effective in the classroom, thus demonstrating that kids can use it. Most of the content on Google Maps is designed for grownups, but this does not mean that kids are excluded. The good news is that Google now plans to produce a version of Google Maps specifically for kids. This will be the next step after Google recently announced that it plans to create YouTube Kids.

Google Targeting Kids

Last year, Google announced that it will focus on creating versions of its most popular apps specifically for kids. Thus far, it has done this with YouTube and plans to do the same with Google Maps. YouTube Kids became available in Play Store and App Store as from February 2015. Google wants to make one of the most popular navigation apps in the world user-friendly for kids.

No News on Features

Currently, Google has not provided details regarding what the child-friendly version will contain. Kids will not know the contents and features of the new app until much later. The new version could probably be similar in some aspects to Barefoot World Atlas – an app that is available for iPhone and iPad. Barefoot World Atlas gives children the tools for exploring the earth through not only a colorful but also information rich representation of the planet.

Expected Features

If Google Maps is to be easy for kids to use, the app must have plenty of the following features:

  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Spoken explanations
  • Sound effects
  • Music

Some of the features, such as music, should depend on the region from whence a child is accessing or using the app. The app should be full of different features that appeal specifically to children. The app should also contain real-time information from around the world. It should feature local time in addition to the prevailing weather conditions of all places that kids would be interested to see.

Fun, Safe Products for Kids

This project would fall right in sync with Google’s plan to create products that are not only fun but also safe for children to use. Google believes in the success of this project considering that a large number of the modern children are growing on the Internet. The TV does not have enough content meant specifically for children. Most times, kids have to share the TV with their parents or elder siblings, which is not good for their development.

Parents will, therefore, be pleased to learn about this new project that Google has with its navigation app. Parents and children have already received YouTube kids well, and if Google can replicate this with the navigation app, it will have entrenched itself in the mind of kids.