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Deleting viruses from an Android device is not a complicated process.

Taking immediate action to remove the virus should be your top priority. Most Android phones get infections when the user downloads and installs malicious apps to the device. The good news is that regardless of how the viruses entered the device, you can remove them immediately and return the Android phone to a healthy, virus-free state.

Android phones are not susceptible to threats from viruses. On the other hand, they are at risk of threats from other types of malware. The two methods you should pursue to eliminate the viruses or malware that have attacked your Android device are:

  1. Installing Mobile Antivirus Program

If you prefer this method, the following types of antivirus programs would be effective in detecting and eliminating all viruses from an Android device;

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • AVG Mobilation
  • 360 Total Security
  • Lookout Mobile Security

Free or commercial antivirus programs are equally effective in eliminating the viruses. The antivirus programs are not only effective at removing viruses but also at ensuring that the malware does not re-infect the Android device later. Remember that your Android device needs only one mobile antivirus program at a time. If you believe that the program is ineffective, uninstall it before installing a new one.

  1. Resetting the Android device back to factory settings

For the most part, the antivirus program should remove the viruses and all forms of malware. On the other hand, if the antivirus program appears incapable of doing this, you can reset the Android device and return it to the factory settings. This simple act will delete all apps as well as personal data from the Android device. Before taking this step, check that you have a backup of all the important information.

Once you finish the two procedures for removing viruses from Android devices, you now have to learn the ways through which to keep the phones safe from malware. This way, your phone will never play host to malware again. Obtain all the software that you want to install the Android device from Google Play Store. For example, if you install Nintendo Game Emulators from platforms other than Play Store, the phone will soon face an attack from the Gunpowder virus.

Before installing any app from a different source, other than the trustworthy and virus-free Google Play Store, you should do plenty of research. Check what other customers are saying about the app and its source. You can also use free antivirus apps for Androids for the detection and removal of all malicious apps. Be cautious with some of the antivirus apps as they could label a perfectly normal and safe app as malware, thus leading to regrets later after removing it.

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