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Android phones and tablets have several features that make watching videos on YouTube one of the most pleasurable experiences.

For the most part, you have to be close to a Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy stable Internet connectivity to download and watch your favorite videos on YouTube. Downloading videos from YouTube to a PC is a straightforward activity. It is much harder to download videos from YouTube to your Android device.

YouTube Discourages Direct Downloads

Downloading from YouTube is normally a tough task. You can only use third-party software and sites to download YouTube videos. YouTube does not have an inbuilt feature that users can use to download videos. This is because YouTube makes money from the ads displayed on the videos that appear on its video-streaming and video-sharing platform. Allowing downloading to take place would mean that YouTube is ready to sacrifice a substantial part of its income.

Use Free Apps from Play Store

If you want to download the videos to your Android device, identify free apps for this task. Some of the apps for this work are available at Google Play Store. Other apps are available from different sites or sources. TubeMate is one such app that you cannot find at Google Play Store despite its effectiveness in downloading videos from YouTube. Download the latest version of the app from the official publisher’s website.

Save Video for Offline Viewing

Saving the video for offline viewing later is an option worth pursuing. This might be a bit different when you want actually to download the video. All that you have to do is to the YouTube app on your Android. Next, select and play the video you wish to download or save. Right at the foot of the video, tap on the small download icon after choosing the format in which you would like to save the video. Go to the offline section of YouTube and play the saved video.

Online Services

Online services are also great for downloading YouTube videos to your Android device. These services are great for somebody who rarely downloads videos, thus sees no point in installing or using TubeMate. SaveTube and KeepVid are just but two of the most popular programs that you can use for downloading YouTube videos. Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video in the appropriate space on the sites above and follow the prompts.

Downloading a Part of the Video

If you are interested in downloading a specific portion of the YouTube video instead of the whole thing, use tools such as ‘clipconverter’, which is available online. YouTube videos are safe and secure to download. Regardless of the method you choose for downloading YouTube videos, remember that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. TubeMate is great for frequent downloading. Online services are the best for rare downloading.