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The ability to detect the presence of hidden malware on your PC instantly could be the difference between removing them from the machine immediately and losing the computer.

Malware can have a devastating effect on the performance levels of the computer. Malware can slow the computer down and turn it into an annoyingly slow machine. Other effects of malware on the machine include:

  • Spontaneous rebooting
  • Computer crash
  • Slowing down
  • Steal information from the computer and send to a hacker

Learn the Steps

Therefore, you have to know how to detect hidden malware early before they make the computer unusable. Preventing malware from entering your computer is something you ought to consider. Ensuring that the computer does not have any malware infection will rescue you from all manner of worrying. To prevent malware from entering your machine, avoid visiting websites that host illegal content. Stop clicking links in instant messages and emails as well.

Understand Different Types of Malware

Before learning to detect hidden malware in your machine, it would be crucial to understanding the various types that exist. Spyware is one of the most common. The other kindsincludes viruses, worms, and a Trojan horse. Rootkits are also types of malware. The steps for detecting all types of malware hidden in your computer are similar in many ways. There are many ways through which to detect different types of malware.

Obtain the Appropriate Tools

First, you need to obtain an effective tool for detecting the malware. Kaspersky has one of the most effective tools in this regard – TDSSKiller. The malware tool scans the computer for all rootkits that are in Kaspersky’s library. After identifying the hidden rootkits, the tool then gets rid of them completely, thus returning the computer back to good health. The tool is perfect for any person who thinks his Windows Vista or Windows 8.1 computer has some hidden malware.

A rootkit is one of the most dangerous types of malware in existence today. The rootkit is difficult to detect because of the ability to bury itself deep into all the operations that Windows undertakes. The moment you switch the machine on, even before the operating system loads, therootkit will have begun doing proper damage. The invisibility of rootkits is what makes them harder to detect, but with the right tools, such as Kaspersky TDSSKiller, you can do just that.

Therefore, download the appropriate tool and install it on your Windows machine today to detect all hidden malware and eliminate them before the computer is damaged beyond repair. A large number of security software found in the market today is incapable of detecting or dealing with rootkits and other forms of malware. For this reason, plenty of research is necessary to download and install the best.