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Nexus 6 is a phablet that has been released in 2014 by Google and it comes with many great features. Today we’re going to talk about some Top 5 Tips and Tricks that you can use/find on this device.

Accessing Battery Settings With Ease

You can access the battery settings without needing to enter the Settings menu. To do this, just swipe down from the top of the screen twice or swipe down once with two fingers and tap the Battery icon.

Setting Priorities

You can setup the priority for the Nexus 6 notifications by going to Settings->Sound & Notifications and selecting which applications should have their notifications set as priority or to be blocked.

Installing Swiftkey To Make Your Life Easier

If you don’t have big hands, then you may find that it is quite hard to operate the Nexus 6 device. However, you can solve the messaging problems by installing Swiftkey. This application is a custom keyboard that can be positioned either on the right or on the left of the screen, making it easier for you to type messages.

Restricting Access For Guests

One awesome feature that Google implemented on the Android Lollipop is the ability to use multiple accounts on a single device. With other words, you can create a guest account to allow other persons to access your device. However, they will be able to access only some services and applications that you set, which is great especially if you share the device with your kid and you don’t want him to open your important files or to change the settings of your device.


If you don’t know the Hangouts application, then you can try out the Messenger application. Messenger comes with a new Material Design brought by Google and it can be set as the default MMS/SMS.

Do you own a Nexus 5 device? Tell us your thoughts about the tips we’ve just mentioned above!

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