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It’s no surprise that Apple’s forthcoming device will be the iPhone 7. The latter device has got tech enthusiasts and Apple devotees juiced up as Apple seems to be keeping a pretty tight lip about all of this. Of course, rumors are pilling up as more and more reports about its future features and specs have surfaced.

Because Apple prefers the beginning of the fall season for its launches (let us recall the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus launch) it’s likely that the iPhone 7 will be reveled during the same period, possibly in the new year to come.

Some believe that because Apple adopted the Samsung method and decided to enlarge the screen sizes for the iPhones gizmo, the same thing will happen with the iPhone 7 in terms of display. Rumor has it that the iPhone 7’s display will mirror the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 one or that of other Galaxy devices. Forbes informs that Samsung is prepared to seal the deal with Apple and be the supplier of its screens. And given the fact that the iPhopne 7 is next in line to be launched, Samsung might just be Apple’s right hand in this.

LCD screens are the main components used for iPhones even if OLED ones are highly superior. But, it seems that Apple is ready to change that and choose the higher-end display technology. This will only mean positive outcomes for any future device launch.

According to other hearsays, the screen included in the iPhone 7 might lack the Home knob which from the start means a larger display. The camera unit is presumed to rock six-element lenses while its chassis will be completely made out of metal and the screen will be a sapphire one. In theory, all of these features sound alluring and mind-blowing but we’ll just have to wait and see if Apple delivers.