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Apple’s newest update iOS 9 is now a month old, however with the release of the iOS 9.1 upgrade, everything is just dandy and you don’t need more excuses not to perform the upgrade. With that being said, let’s gather round the best iOS 9 features and see what you can expect.

  • Brainy Siri

Siri is definitely a must-have as it has become even more resourceful. Now each time you slide to the left( from homescreen), Siri will bring up apps you might enjoy based on a pattern that was devised on your past habits and likes, ingenious, isn’t it? You can also benefit from fresh news you might be interested in.

  • Public transport available on Apple Maps

The public transport option is now available in Apple Maps. Those of you who travel by bus can look up the best route from point A to point B, for the time being, the latter option functions mainly for the mammoth cities.

  • Notes app has been rehabilitated

Apple has decided it’s time to revamp the Notes app for the iOS 9 and so it did. With the latter app, users can jot down lists of their own, sketches or even attach links to various other writings.

  • A bundle of power-saving options

The iOS 9 comes packed with an array of options that are meant to save your battery life or reduce it significantly. One such options permits you to enable sensors that can detect each time your device is facing down (on your desk for instance) and the sensors will leave the screen off even when you receive a notice/message.

  • Apple News

Apple News is definitely a welcome addition for those who like to be informed about major events. With the latter app, users can subscribe to all kinds of online sources. All you have to do is choose the website that represents a point of interest to you and the news feed will reveal the content, the content is simply stunning and it’s just perfect if you’re a print-like type of reader.