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Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world today.

The fact that it is a community-based app has only added to the allure of Waze. It has undergone massive redesigning and now seems less cluttered than ever before. More importantly, the app now contains some amazing features regardless of whether you use it for your Android or iOS device. Nevertheless, can it tell the length of time you will spend in traffic?

Suitable for Android and iOS

Google has added a new feature on Waze that enables Android and iOS users to predict the time that traffic will take to clear correctly. With this new feature, you can impress friends and family with your prophetic skills, at least where the traffic is concerned. This is what users will get by downloading and installing the latest Waze version. The visual traffic bar that comes with the updated version allows you to keep track of the progress the car is making in traffic.

When drivers are making their way through heavy traffic, the bar will shift accordingly, track their position and inform them of their progress. What the visual bar does is that it provides you with a rough estimate of the time you will spend caught up in traffic. Some users have been quick to label the new feature a minor one. However, when you realize the crucial information that the new feature equips you with, labeling it a minor change will be unfair.

Shift from Google Maps to Waze

In fact, some users have stopped using Google Maps and transferred their allegiance to Waze upon reading about this new feature. The updated version of Waze also comes with a different feature that would alert drivers that the ETA they sent has already arrived. With an added voice compatibility feature, drivers will now have a much easier time identifying the route that Waze has opted to take to avoid the long delays in traffic.

Android users were the first to receive the updated version of Waze. They received the new version with fresh features in March 2015. Android users loved the new additions. This was not a massive shock considering that Google owns Waze, thus was more likely to focus on the Android users, as it is the brains behind this new platform. With time, Google has considered iOS users and released the new version with all the features above.

Therefore, beating traffic will no longer be an impossible task. More importantly, Waze now makes it possible to do something different in the meantime while waiting for traffic to clear. Planning has also become much better and easier because of the new features that Waze has introduced to help drivers predict the time they will spend in traffic.