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WhatsApp has become a vital communication means between individuals. Whether you use it for its voice calling element or for its messaging functionality, we’ve decided to put together a few useful tips and tricks that will definitely take your WhatsApp experience to a whole different level.

Find New Locations

Start by clicking Send location symbol to see all of the interesting places that might concern you. Everything will be marked, so it will be easy for you to identify a new restaurant, a hotel, a trendy cafe and so on.

Profile Photo & Status Message Can Be Changed From The Desktop

With this feature all you need to do is click on the avatar (see left side) if you wish to add another profile picture, it can be one from your drive or a web cam one, you can also enable this feature if you administer various groups, try it out.

Multimedia Files Can Be Saved On Cellular Bandwidth

WhatsApp allows you to choose what type of downloads you should permit on mobile data. To experience this feature go to:

  • Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • Media Auto-Download, where you will have to indicate when audio files and videos can be set-up on your Android phone.
  • The procedure for iPhone users is the following:
  • Head to WhatsApp Settings
  • Chat Settings and then click on Media Auto-Download.

The Last Seen Element Can Be Deactivated

If you do not want everybody to know when you used the app last, you can mess around with the following prompts and change them to your own liking. You have:

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • Nobody

In order to choose one go to Settings, then Account, click on Privacy and pick one of the above, this procedure is valid for both iPhone and Android.

How To Send A Broadcast Message

You can use WhatsApp to send a broadcast message to all of your friends. Note: The replies from this type of message can only be seen by you. The procedure is the following:

  • Click on Menu
  • New Broadcast and simply choose the contacts you wish to send the message to, this will be for Android.

Click on the Broadcast Lists (top of the Chats screen), next click New List and again just select your contacts and then hit Create, this will be for iPhone.

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