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Recently, Facebook announced that businesses would now be able to communicate with their customers privately with the help of its new Messenger app.

Despite this development, Facebook has plenty to learn from WeChat, which is an all-in-one messaging app from China. If the Messenger is to work as seamlessly as Facebook wants, learning from WeChat should be on top of its list of priorities.

Similarities between WeChat and Facebook Messenger

WeChat is similar to Facebook Messenger in several aspects. First, they both are all-in-one messaging apps. Secondly, they are both excellent at the following tasks:

  • Sending texts
  • Making voice calls
  • Sending photos

Differences between WeChat and Facebook Messenger

In addition to the aforementioned standard features, WeChat is different to Facebook Messenger in the following regard:

  • It comes with several official accounts that make it possible for users to do several tasks such as hailing taxis, booking an appointment with a doctor and paying utility bills among others. As Facebook endeavors to monetize the Messenger app, it should try to borrow a leaf from WeChat in this respect.
  • WeChat boasts of an impressive number of registered accounts, which currently stand at 1.1 billion. Moreover, the Average Revenue Per User or APRU that WeChat earns every year stands at $7. In comparison, although Facebook Messenger boasts of 700 million registered users, it is yet to begin earning APRU in any form.
  • WeChat is the dominant player in China. More importantly, WeChat now endeavors to take over new markets. Currently, it has more than 100 million registered users located in countries other than China. It has begun proving popular with users in India as well as other parts of South East Asia.

Registered Monthly Users

Facebook has announced that it will not monetize Messenger until the app grows its monthly active users to around 1 billion. In this regard, it would be safe to conclude that Facebook Messenger has begun learning from WeChat. It is good to note that China’s all-in-one messaging app saw a gap in the market and made the most out of the opportunity. With each passing day, industry experts believe that the messaging apps will be useful in several areas including:

  1. Advertising
  2. Transport
  3. E-Commerce

Where innovation and monetizing are concerned, WeChat is the absolute leader within the all-in-one messaging industry. Although the market is replete with several other types of messaging apps, industry experts are of the opinion that only a few will remain in the next 3-5 years. The experts are fully convinced that WeChat will be one of the dominant apps in this industry for the near future. Facebook can learn how to ensure thelongevity of its Messenger app.

In the meantime, Facebook has a tough task trying to monetize the Messenger app.