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Good news for all your Apple Watch bearers, Viber is now up for grabs on the wearable technology. Users can read/reply to their messages and send funny stickers right from their wrist.

There is the Android version v5.6 and the iOS one v5.6.1 available which come packed with a ton of features that Viber devotees can now enjoy on the Apple Watch. Something else that is up for grabs with this update includes a bunch of stickers which are only available for the latter smart watch. The team at Viber mentions the following “Not only can you respond to messages, we have also created an exclusive sticker pack designed especially for Apple Watch.” Users can also benefit from messages such as “Sorry, can’t talk” for instance and others that are already preset and ready to be used.

The Public Chat Engagement is great if you want to share important content in larger groups or in a one-on-one group. The person who receives the shared content will also be able to see the link. Besides, now you can hit the “like” button in a group chat and the character limit is now 7,000 and not 1,000.

According to Ofir Eyal, Viber’s head of product, “It’s important to us that our users can communicate through Viber in a way that is most convenient for them at any given time, and Apple Watch is another extension of this.” He continues saying “We always strive to provide our users with the best possible user experience and offering support for Apple Watch was critical to ensuring we continue to do so.”

There are lots of features to enjoy with these new versions, so if you wish to download them head on to Google Play Store and Apple Store.