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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 device was and still stands as, one of the best Smartphones all over the world.

Although it is not very popular now, it reigned for good 6 months till the S6 Galaxy as well as S6 Edge were introduced. However, there is a new baby which is the Note 5. It was recently announced, but a lot of its features have been made available online. So, how does the Note 4 differ from the Note 5 and are there any major differences? Read more to determine the difference between the two.

Design Quality Comparison

The design of the Note 4 seems to have been influenced by the lackluster reaction to how the S5 looked. Rather than it coming with a body made from plastic chrome alongside a dimpled rear, similar to the S5, the Note 4 comes with metal corners and faux-leather back. The final result was a tablet that had a sharp look and came with angles that are comfortable.

It is wide at 153.5 mm x 78.6 mm x 8.5 mm and heavy with a weight of 176 g. However, the merger of these metal sides, soft feel of rear and silver trim gives it a feeling of uniqueness. Additionally, its display takes up to 75% of the device. This means, it will never be too large, as tablets can be.

Display Comparison for Both Devices

The Note 4 comes with QHD screen 5.7 inch. It is very bright and perfectly detailed as well as offers the best viewing angles. In almost all instances, the screen of the Note 4 takes over the competition. Just like most Samsung display’s it is simply elegant and provides sharp and clear display where content is concerned. Even though it has been improved to 4K, the Note 5 display is one other respectable QHD, providing, 5.7 inches with 518 pixels for every inch. Although it might be quite disappointing that the display of the Note 5 is almost similar to the previous version, however it already came as a comfortable tablet size.

Performance and Software Comparison

What makes the Note 4 different from other tablets is the stylus feature, the S Pen. With its very own huge beneficial functions, the S Pen is one of the main causes to buy the Note 4. Continuously, Samsung has enhanced its menu, which is Air Command and works together the S Pen in every design of the Note series which is the same with the Note 5.

Bottom Line

These features show how Samsung is trying its best to improve upon the different features of its devices. Day in and out, there are different individuals with the understanding of how Samsung works and they understand them too. However, if you expected better with the Note 5, then there are other features on the in-depth review of the Note 5 you can appreciate. From display, to battery, to camera and even the price, you will appreciate the uniqueness of this device, no matter what.