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Yesterday we posted an article which contained a list of tips and tricks for Apple devices running on iOS 9, you can find the part 1 here. No matter if you’ve just bought the latest iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, or the iPad Mini 4 or iPad Pro, or you have an old device and you’ve upgraded it to iOS 9, our recommendations will be very useful, so we’re presenting the continuation to what we’ve started yesterday.

Get Rid Of The Lowercase Keyboard

iOS supports third-party keyboards, while the built-in keyboard shows lowercase letters when you’re disabling the shift button, so if you don’t want to see lowercase letters, turn them off by going to Settings>Accessibility>Keyboard>Show Lowercase Keys.

Put Siri To Silence

When you forget to turn off Siri and you’re starting to talk, but the assistant doesn’t understand what you’re saying, it will tell you that it “didn’t get that”. You’d better turn off voice feedback by going to Settings>General>Siri>Voice Feedback and if you don’t want Siri to speak when it hears “Hey, Siri”, select the Control with Ring Switch option.

Ad Block In Safari

Many websites are full of ads (their owners are making money this way, so you need to understand them) and they very annoying, because they’re occupying the screen and distract your attention when reading an article. There are some applications which are blocking these ads, but most of them are paid. The best applications are Purify and Crystal, but if you don’t want to install any of them, then you’ll settle for the ad blocker integrated into Safari.

Make A Website PDF

If, for some reason, you want to turn a website into a PDF, this is possible if you’re using the Safari browser. There’s a Share button on which you’ll tap, and then you’ll tap the Share Sheet button from the top row and there, you’ll see the Save PDF to iBooks option. Click on it and go to the iBooks app and share the PDF.

Transit Help From Apple Maps

The new iOS 9 has support across for image maps from many US cities, or for many European and Chinese cities, and if you happen to live in one of the places included in Aple Maps, you’ll get transit directions, so the Transit option is found on the upper right.

Marking Up or Signing Images in Email

iOS’ built-in email application allows you to attach images by holding a finger down in the message and selecting Insert Photo or Video when the popup shows up. The good news is that the new iOS version removed the five-image limit. Also, now you can mark up images by holding the finger on top and selecting Markup when you’ll see the popup.

Switch From A Mobile Website To A Desktop Website

There are mobile websites which aren’t displayed to your liking when browsing with Safari. Correct that by switching to the desktop version and to do that, tap the refresh icon from the address bar and when you’ll see the Request Desktop Site button, tap on it.