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After Apple released its new iOS 9 firmware update, many jailbreaking groups took advantage of its vulnerabilities and jailbroke it. This was a big success, because all vulnerabilities have been patched in iOS 8.4 and many users were anxious to see if Apple will slip exploits in iOS 9.1, the newest version of the newly launched OS, but it seems that only Pangu managed to jailbreak the iOS 9 and now, the Cydia store is richer in tweaks. We’ll tell you about a few important ones.


This is a paid tweak which costs $1.49 and it is used for saving your battery life. After installing it, you’ll create profiles and select some actions which are activated when the battery is running out of juice. Battivator will disable your Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular data and will kill other applications which are running in the background. Also, the tweak can be set to send you an SMS when the battery reaches a critical level.


After a while, every phone starts getting sluggish because its memory is filled with the residual data from applications and useless content. In this case, you will need to clean your internal memory, to free up some space and the best tweak to do the work for you is iCleaner. This tweak will scan your file system and when it finds useless content, it forms a list which is wiped with a single click.

Virtual Home

When Apple introduced the Touch ID hardware with the iPhone 5s, many users enabled Assistive Touch in order to use the home button as little as possible because in time, it goes awry. But the users needed to tap twice or more times for the basic functions and Virtual Home was the best solution, because this tweak allowed them to tap the home button to get to the home screen. Also, the application offered many other gestures such as short holding or double tapping.


With this tweak, you can browse, copy, edit, perform any other file management function or install third party applications and host the file system on the network. iFile is a great file manager with an extra functionality.


Did you buy a set of Philips Hue lightbulbs? With the HueHueHue tweak you’ll be able to control the automated light system by toggling the lights on or off using a predefined Activator action. For example, to turn on the lights, swipe from the left to the right of your iPhone’s screen.

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