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Viber is one of the most popular VoIP as well as instant messaging apps in the world of Smartphone devices.

It boasts of more than 100 million active monthly users. Globally, Viber is home to more than 280 million registered users. A large percentage of the monthly users prefer using iPhone or iOS devices to enjoy VoIP and instant messaging services that Viber has to offer, thus the importance of improving spam handling.

Viber 5.1.1

Version 5.1.1 of Viber is the most recent. The most important update that Viber users have to know where this latest version is concerned is the enhanced spam-handling feature with which it comes. With this new feature, you can now use Viber to send instant messages without worrying about unwanted and unwarranted contacts. This is because the feature allows users to block any unwanted contact from sending you VoIP or instant message.

The enhanced spam handling feature allows you to determine whether viewing messages that unwanted contacts have sent you is truly worthy of your time or not. If you do not want to view such messages and consider the senders a bit troublesome and annoying, Viber now provides you with the tools that you can use to block them. In fact, you do not have to open the messages to block or report the contacts that sent them in the first place.

Viber is a free iOS app. You are free to download the most recent version from App Store today. It is wrong to open spam messages when you receive them from unwarranted and unwanted contacts. Opening such messages means that the spammer will know that your number is active. The result is that he will keep sending more spam messages thus causing you more annoyance. With spam messages, the best strategy is to ignore them.

Better Strategy

Blocking the spammer is a much better strategy. This is because blocking him ensures that the spammer will never send you any more spam message. Viber 5.1.1 offers you this amazing ability. If you want to block the spammer, open Viber. Next, a slight touch of the settings icon, which appears on the top right side of the screen, is advisable. Select the Block this Contact button. This is what you have to do.

Despite the spam, Viber will improve helpful in your goal of making VoIP calls as well as sending and receiving instant messages. The app boasts of a solid presence on iOS devices. If unwanted spamming has been a nightmare for you in the past, do not hesitate to download and install the latest version of the Viber app from App Store. Install Viber 5.1.1 in your device and block all spammers for peace of mind.

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