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YouTube has several stars.

Some subscribers on YouTube seem to be doing much better than others. YouTube labels whatever these subscribers post on its platform as premium content. Soon, YouTube will charge a fee from any person who desires to access premium content. The subscription service will allow the subscribers to access premium content without having to grapple with ads, which can be quite annoying, especially when watching great videos.

Access to Exclusive Programming

Under the subscription service, you will access exclusive programming. YouTube has been working hard to bring this service to its users for quite some time now. The company announced more than one year that it would create new content and fund these from several of its top creators. The announcement regarding such content will appear on October 21, 2015 during an event that YouTube has organized.

Expected Launch Date

Currently, nobody knows how much the new or premium content will cost to access. The actual date on which the premium content will become available to subscribers remains unknown. Initially, the belief was that premium content would be available on YouTube as from October 31, but this appears to have changed. Experts are now looking at the possibility of the launching taking place in 2016.

Blast from the Past

This will not be the first time YouTube is releasing premium content to which the users can subscribe and enjoy exclusive, ad-free programming. The company tried a similar project in 2011. YouTube announced that it will set aside close to $100 million to fund premium content from top celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Jay Z among others. Back then, the venture proved anything but successful.

Endemic Video Stars

Under the new strategy, YouTube wants to target celebrities who enjoyed global success or recognition and popularity through the video streaming site. Unlike in the previous strategy, it will not try to create or avail premium content through people who already enjoy popularity through other channels. However, this does not signify the end of the ad-supported content that has already made YouTube the largest video streaming site in the world.

YouTube stars have mostly been successful by creating content that the young viewers have found appealing. The endemic video stars already know how to produce such content, thus the reason YouTube has chosen them for this new venture. If you have already been successful elsewhere, proving the same on YouTube can be a massive challenge. If you are already successful on YouTube, replicating the same would not be an impossible task.

Therefore, there is little doubt that YouTube will soon begin receiving subscriptions from users interested in accessing premium content and programming. The actual date for this project remains unknown as previously stated. YouTube will create content from people it considers stars within its video streaming platform.