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This new box is $30 more expensive than its predecessor, but its price is justified. The device has a similar design, but it’s larger and thanks to a new feature, your misplaced remote control will be easier to find. Also, the previous streamer was able to stream 1080p content and now, this model can stream 4K content and you can watch TV using the headphones which are plugged into the remote.

The Roku 4 can be ordered from the official website, and soon it will be shipped worldwide. The new streamer runs on Roku OS7, which has a tool called My Feed, allowing you to keep tabs with your shows and movies. The device supports voice commands, so you’ll just have to press the dedicated button from your remote and start talking. The device will help you find your favorite TV series by saying its name, so speak loud and clear or else speech recognition software will fail understanding you.

If the searching feature will give you headaches, then we must tell you about the other feature which will help you find your remote control. It’s not a shame to forget where you put your things, but it’s annoying when you need to look all over your house for a tiny object such a remote control. Luckily, Roku added a functionality to its new device so, when pushing the button from the top of the streamer, the remote will make a loud sound like a sonar-like beep, but there are in total five variants of alert tones.

The physical dimensions of this device are 165x165x20mm (the Roku 3 measured 89x89x25 mm), it weights around 410 grams and it has the same shape of a box with rounded corners. It’s powered by a quad-core processor which supports up to 60 fps 4K streaming and it consumes 12.4W. Also, its connectivity options include 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.