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The 930 from Nokia Lumia is a top end specifications phone running on Windows Phone 8.1.

The phone comes during a transition period, with Microsoft acquiring the company. Let’s see whether it can stand out in the ever-growing crowd of smartphones and keep ahead.

Software Specs Add Pomp

Windows 8.1 is all set to become another Android. The Lumia 930 comes with the latest OS from Windows Phone, with all the necessary applications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on. There are also some new creations by Lumia, like the Video Tuner allowing video editing, adding pomp to the system. However, the gaming platform is not as strong as Android, as some popular games like Candy Crush Saga are still missing. All previous mistakes of the operating systems have been improved, with actions of swiping and so on for quick access. The interface is neater and there are different tile sizes available.

Display and Screen

The thickness is 9.8 mm and the screen size is 5 inches. The resolution of the screen has been enhanced to Full HD, with 1920 x 1080 pixels and an AMOLED panel. Though the display is not Quad HD, the panel looks crisp and vibrant, even in bright sunlight.  The menu offers a Display Setting, where users can opt for a standard, a vivid or a cool display, with advanced settings for correcting color balance. However, if you opt for a very bright display, the battery life will be lessened. As for the Glance screen present in the 1520 model, it is absent in the 930 model.

Build and Design

It is large and quite hefty, being 20 grams heavier when compared to the 1020. It is comfortable for holding in the hand, thanks to its curved rear. The rear is not removable and the whole design has a unibody look. A wireless charger has been included; so you can charge it using a platform and not the USB port.

Hardware Specs

A quad core, Snapdragon 800, powers the phone and it clocks at 2.2 GHz combined with a RAM of 2 GB.  The speed is good and the performance is also up to the mark, when compared to the competition. Multi tasking is easy and the apps run smoothly. There is no unnecessary bloat ware as well. The battery comes with a power of 2420 mAh and is good for a full day’s normal use. The phone comes with a nano SIM.


The Nokia camera application comes with a 20 MP sensor with the PureView concept. The sensor size is reduced to 1/2.5 inches, but is good enough. All manual options are available for selection, along with an auto mode. OIS is an additional feature that is able to counteract a handshake and deliver a steady preview and a sharp image, even in case of low light conditions.


The hardware of the Lumia 930 is much better than many other Android phones and it is an impressive Windows Phone device, capable of holding its own position with the rest of the competition.