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Fans of Motorola with the love for bigger screens were given the alternative in the year 2014 with the Nexus 6.

Although the device was not a part of the family of the Moto X, it came with most of the normal design outlooks from Motorola and taking into consideration how the stock Moto software is generally. Even the way the software works was quite the same. This year 2015, the brand released another device with a big screen. However, it branded it as the Moto X Pure Edition in the United States of America and also as Moto X Style in other countries or parts of the world.

So, whenever you hear the Moto X Style you should know it is the same as the Moto X Pure Edition. There are some unique differences with the X style which has made it very attractive for most people. From its unique screen size to its unique design, both the X style and Nexus 6 come with some features in common, although there are quite some dissimilarities too. So, what do these two major devices have in common?

Design Comparison of Both Devices

It is no surprise that the X style edition and the Nexus 6 share the very same language where design is concerned. They are both manufactured by the very same OEM. They both also come with the same metal frames that are designed to wrap around their sides, identical curves along their corners and the rear and also the same placements where the button layouts are concerned.

The signature dimple that can be found on the rear of Motorola devices can be seen with the Moto X 2013 and the current versions as well. The Pure Edition is also smaller compared to the two devices, not only because of its small view, but also due to the fact that it comes designed with bezels that are thin along the sides of its displays.

The Nexus 6 comes designed to be quite thin, when you compare the two where their thickets points are concerned. In all, neither devices are small by any stretch of imagination; however, the X Pure Edition is a far better device comparing the two.

Bottom Line

The decision to buy any of these devices will solely be dependent on you. So, try to make the right choices to prevent regretting the alternative decision you make.