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The Surface Pro 4 along with the Surface Book have recently been revealed by the Microsoft Company. These stellar devices are considered suitable adversaries for the likes of Apple’s devices such as MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.

Users can buy the Intel Core m3 and Intel Core i5 units of the Surface Pro 4 from the Microsoft Store. Sadly, those of you who are interested in the Core i7 model coupled with 16GB of RAM will have to wait a little while longer as the shipping date is schedule for the 20th of November.

That being said, as far as the Surface Book device is concerned, this one is also pretty far-off. As noted by the Microsoft Store, the units that have been line-up for October the 26th shipment have been staved off to be shipped only 5 weeks from now. There are other types of models that have a 7 week shipment schedule as well, the premium Surface Book with 1 TB and Nydia GPU will only be available for shipping in January 2016.

In stores, things aren’t looking any better. However, there is one shop in LA that seems to draw customers in by presenting them with an exchange deal. This means that those who placed an order for the Surface Pro 4 (the i7 model) have the possibility of purchasing the low-end i5 device and can later exchange it with the i7 when it will hit the shelves in November. Tempted?

You can find a lot of Surface Pro4 units online, minus the i7 ones.  As for the Surface Books, they can be found strictly in stores. The only unit you can’t find online is the i7 Surface Book with 1 TB.  We recommend you checking out Amazon, Staples or CostCo where you can find various Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 models.