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Over the years, Motorola has made a solid reputation for itself and with the built of the Nexus 4 device things have definitely changed for the better. The LG G3 was also a highly appraised Android device and this was only the beginning for the LG Company. Now, LG’s major update involves the LG G5 gizmo, down below we’ve gathered all the rumors that surround the LG’s upcoming stellar device, so have a look-see.

Display and design

The LG G5 is presumed to rock a 5.6-inch HD IPS display having a flexible touchscreen as well. Because the resolution is around 3840×2160, this only means one thing: a 4K display which will mostly likely be included in all 2016 premium handsets, as for the design part, there have been little innuendos regarding this aspect, however we can only hope that the plastic and leather will be bygones.

Processor, RAM and Storage options

Rumor has it that under the hood the LG G5 will pack an 8-core Snapdragon 820 processor, which will be clocked at 2.2-3GHz speed.

RAM wise, the LG G5 might include 3 to 6GB of RAM according to various rumors online, our money is on the 4GB version which is the perfect option for a 2016 premium smartphone. For the storage part, LG G5 might have the 32, 64 as well as the 128GB options. The microSD card slot might be kept as well.

Camera units

According to hearsays, the back end camera unit might just have a 20MP sensor which will also rock the multi-gesture detection element. The front camera might have a 10MP snapper which is going to be great for selfies. The iris scanning technology is rumored to be included in this front facing snapper as well, basically your handset can be unlocked if you just stare right into your phone.

LG G5: Battery and prices  

The innuendoes indicate the fact that a 4000 mAH battery unit might be included in the LG G5. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 might also be part of the package, for the time being, no one can assert for sure how much will this device cost, but the $900 amount has been mentioned a few times. The word around town is that the big launch will happen either in November or December.

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