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Many users were anxious to upgrade their devices to the new iOS 9, which doesn’t bring too many changes, because Apple focused more on improving its stability and the battery life, but there are a few minor visual improvements which will be hard to notice, such as the San Francisco font, Siri’s waveform animation or the lowercase letters shown by the keyboard. You can install lots of applications from iTunes and use our tips and tricks to improve your iOS experience, so pay attention to our recommendations.

Choose A Security Code With Six Digits

If you care about your private data and don’t want anyone to crack your old four-digit code, then you might take into consideration setting up a six-digit code which will be impossible for your friends to guess, since there are 1 million possible combinations. When you’re upgrading from iOS 8 to iOS 9, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode to enter the new code containing six digits and then enter it again.

Moving From Android To iOS

Had enough of your Android phone and you’ve bought an iPhone? Then, in order to not lose your contacts, photos, SMS messages and other important data, install Move to iOS, an application which will help you move all of the aforementioned data, to your new iPhone.

Dragging to Select Photos

In the older Photos app, when you wanted to delete multiple photos, you needed to click Select, then to tap on each one. Now it’s easier to delete an entire page of photos, as you’ll just tap on Select, then drag your finger left or right and up or down and you’ll cover the entire row or column of images.

A New Search Box

Instead of navigating through Settings in order to change something, which will take forever to get there, now there’s a little search box in which you’ll type in the name of an application and this feature will take you to its Settings and there you’ll choose whatever you want the app to do.

Turn Your Moving Images Into A Wallpaper

The new iPhones have a new feature called Live Photos which records 1.5 seconds of video (with sound) before and after taking a photo, and you’re satisfied with the result, turn the video into a wallpaper for your Lock screen.

Go Low Power

All iPhones had problems with the battery life because Apple used small batteries in order to not increase the thickness of its devices. Thanks to a new Low Power Mode, which is activated by going to Settings > Battery, all background functions are turned off. These functions include automatic downloads, visual effects, GPS/location services and by enabling this feature, you’ll get up to 10 or 20 percent more power.

Hey Siri, Turned On Without Plugging In The Phone

The previous iPhones which came with this digital assistant allowed their users to turn in on by saying “Hey Siri” while the device was plugged in. iOS 9 changed this and now it allows you to turn on the assistant without plugging in your iPhone. To make this possible, go to Settings > General > Siri and turn on the Allow Hey Siri assistant.

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