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DomisLive (nicknamed Dom) revealed interesting specifics regarding the upcoming Halloween DLC that will reach GTA 5 Online. The video showcases all sorts of personalized cars, powerful and useful guns and even some themed Halloween Tees.

The BType as well as the Lurcher automobiles have been revealed along with grandpa’s corpse lying on the back seat. According to Dom, the former mentioned automobile is basically a combo between the Roosevelt car and the Hot Knife one (we are referring to the ones that exist in the game and not the real models). When the Halloween DLC rolls out, the Lurcher will retail for $666,666 while the BType is priced at $540,000.

Another leak reveals the transportable flashlight which will definitely come in handy when faced with the City Blackout for instance. You can also make good use of it in the Adversary Mode as well. And last but not least, there is the T-shirts addition, which will also roll out with the Halloween DLC. Check out some of these uncanny T-shirts that are available and their short descriptions down below:

  • Butchery – as the name suggest, this Tee shows a machete with blood all over
  • Knife After Dark – a scary image of a man holding a knife
  • Twilight Knife –a white T-shirt with blood spread all over
  • Vampires on the Beach – Vamps party on the beach on All Hallows’ Eve
  • Meathook for Mommy – a graphics T-shirt with Halloween themed illustrations
  • Cannibal Clown – an eerie representation of Halloween themes that also includes a red colored pumpkin figure
  • Zombie Liberals – a basic printed Tee with other Halloween illustrations
  • Splatter and Shot – this one shows a Zombie’s head with a bullet hole and blood running down his face.

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