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The Quick Reply functionality was introduced in iOS 8, allowing the users to reply to notifications from the Lock screen, without opening up an application. It was a useful feature for Apple’s own messaging application, but then it was made available for third party applications. The WhatsApp users were wondering when they will be able to quick reply to messages and their dream came true, after Apple enabled this feature in iOS 9.1.

We remind you that this feature will work only if you’re updating your iPhone to iOS 9.1, which is the latest iOS version, but Quick Reply can be also used for third party applications such as Facebook Messenger and Skype, but their users must have their iPhones running on at least iOS 9.0.

WhatsApp’s latest version for iOS is 2.12.9 and according to the changelog, the developers have fixed a bug which was preventing the users to view media on older versions of iOS. Besides fixes and improvements, the WhatsApp application has now support for 3D Touch on the new iPhones and the interface is mirrored and optimized for writing from right to left in languages such as Arabic.

As for the iOS 9.1, the update comes with 150 new emojis representing food, drinks, the middle finger etc. The Live Photos feature has been enhanced and the performance of the system has been improved as well, making it much more stable. This is the third update since the release of the iOS 9, but the Quick Reply feature for WhatsApp was already tested in the previous build of this application in iOS 9.1 betas.

The users who own a watch running on OS 2.0.1 can also take advantage of the Quick Reply feature, and if they don’t have time to write down their own words, they can use the message presets. WhatsApp is awesome because it has another popular feature called Voice Call, which allows the users to call their friends for free, with the condition to have the same application installed on their devices.