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It is now possible to upgrade to iOS 9.

You can do this only if the current iPhone in your possession has adequate space. If the phone does not have the required space, do not worry or panic. All that you have to do is identify the stuff to remove so that the gadget has enough space for upgrading to iOS 9. What this shows is that it is much easier to fix the issue. Some apps, texts and photos will have to go to get the space needed for the upgrade.

So what should you delete?

  1. Find the huge apps and delete

The Usage Settings menu on your iPhone is where you need to go to and locate the apps that are eating too much space yet doing nothing more. This part of your iPhone will provide you with information regarding the space that your photos, messages, apps and music are chewing up. While here, feel free to remove any app you consider less important. You can delete and re-install some apps, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, later after upgrading to iOS 9.

  1. Deleting photos and vampire data

You have two options for deleting the space-consuming photos from your iPhone. First, you can connect to a Mac before launching Image Capture and using this feature to select the images that you are prepared to let go. You may also remove the unwanted photos directly from the phone. To do this, select Photo from the home screen by clicking Select, checking the unwanted photos and selecting the trash icon. Do the same for unwanted music, videos, books and SMS.

  1. Turning off all app notifications

App notifications are the biggest culprits when it comes to consuming battery life on your iPhone in addition to data. For this reason, app notifications need to go. Remove some of the notifications. Do this by launching Settings from the home screen, tapping Notifications, before selecting the app whose notifications you wish to disable. Finish the process by selecting the on/off toggle that is just right next to the Allow Notifications and they will be gone.

  1. Cleaning up Safari

The Safari browser cache is home to annoying cookies and data. Cleaning the cache is one way of releasing more space in the iPhone for upgrading to iOS 9. Go to Settings, which is accessible from the home screen. Select Safari by scrolling down. Continue scrolling until you see Advanced, which you should select. Tapping the Website Data before scrolling to the bottom and selecting Remove All Website Data will be the last steps to freeing up more space.

As shown here, do not throw the iPhone away to upgrade to iOS 9. You only have to follow the steps above and the iPhone will have the space required for upgrading to iOS 9.