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Perhaps, the Facebook business page that you run has suffered a reduction or loss in the number of ‘Likes’, thus making you a worried person.

The loss of the many likes that your page once enjoyed could be because of a recent decision that Facebook took. Recently, Facebook deleted all accounts that it considered fraudulent or inactive. Consequently, this took its toll in reducing the number of ‘Likes’ to different business pages.

The decision to rid Facebook off all fraudulent and inactive accounts requires proper appreciation. This is because it now means that people running business pages on Facebook can now interact with real people, which is great for the business. Lack of proper engagement with people or feedback from them in the past, which you might have noticed while running the business page, will now be a non-issue.

What can you do to reverse the loss of ‘Likes’?

a)      Addition of Page Plugin to the Business Website

Facebook recently released Page Plugin, which is a tool that users can embed on their business pages on the social media platform and use for marketing. The fastest way to recoup the lost likes is to incorporate this plugin into your website. With the plugin, readers or visitors to your website can share any crucial and interesting information without having to leave the website with their friends. This way, you get more followers and likes to your Facebook business page.

b)      Hosting a Contest

Hosting a contest is the most effective way of getting Facebook users talking about your company. Contests offer the best way of attracting more fans to the Facebook business page. Use the contests to increase brand awareness and recognition as well. In fact, you only need to give your fans or followers the opportunity to do the marketing on your behalf – while rewarding them.

c)       Advertising

Business users realize the difficulty of enjoying organic reach due to the recent algorithm changes that Facebook made. These days, you will discover the difficulty in trying to use self-promoting language to advertise your business. The options that are available to businesses often include investing in and publishing quality content. Allocating a budget strictly for advertising on Facebook is an option that businesses can and should consider.

Therefore, what this shows is that losing Facebook ‘Likes’ on your business page should not be an issue that makes you moan and whine the whole year. You have access to plenty of tools that will reverse the situation and see a proper restoration of the likes. To see a return of the likes, you have to do plenty of work. Advertising, hosting contests and adding the Page Plugin to your website are just but three of the methods worth using to restore ‘Likes’ to your business page