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Over the years, there have been many people who have unfortunately had issues with the batteries of their Sony Xperia Z3’s because they did not know how to take good care of them.

The fact that you have a phone doesn’t mean that you should use it anyhow, because the more reckless you are with your battery, the more you lose its credibility.

Reduce Access to Location Services

If you did not know, the GPS features of your phone and every phone havehuge effects on their battery life. However, you might not know that this hasn’t to do with mapping apps alone that make use of them as social networks, weather apps, banking apps, and others. These services or apps before they can function well like to know where you are located so that they can have their contents tailored to your needs or just because they prefer being nosy.

This is why you should visit the Settings page of your phone and go to Location to view what has been accessing your location data or information. This will also make it known to you the level of effect these apps have on the life of your battery. Do not forget to watch out or be on the lookout for apps that have their very own location settings as well. For instance, Twitter apps mostly come with the alternative for you to share your location information with the tweets you post.

Reduce your Streaming Online

There are times when people use their devices or phones to stream when there is no need for it. This isvery sad because it is one way your Z3 can reduce battery life in the shortestperiod. Most apps like YouTube, Spotify Premium and others make it easy for you to have content downloaded for offline views. That is very good because it makes it easy for you to watch the content you need repeatedly without having to stream.

This helps to reduce the level at which you use your Z3 to stream and watch videos. The more you watch streaming videos and listen to music online with your phone, the more you stress it. This is what drains the battery and makes it very difficult for it to last as long as you would want it to.