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Plastic is no more in for Samsung devices, with the S6 Edge coming in an ultra-modern build of themetal-glass combination.

The S6 Edge was announced along with the S6, but the former is more expensive and comes with better aesthetics and curved display. However, other specifications and features remain the same.

Design and Display

The design is similar to the S6, but the S6 Edge has a curved display, which makes it look very stylish. The look and the feel of the device is changed due to this.
The metal casing is sleek, and it has glass paneling on the back. The look is elegant and premium.It also makes it look slimmer, and the curvy surface offers an aesthetic appeal. Users can set five colors for different contacts, as the Edge glows in that particular color when the person calls. The phone comes in black as well as white, gold and green.

The touchscreen is impressive using Super AMOLED technology over a 5.1 inches display screen. The resolution is QHD, 1440 x 2560 pixels with a density of 577 ppi, and offers crystal clear color and accuracy. It is a joy for browsing, watching videos, gaming and so on.

TouchWiz Overlay

The TouchWiz overlay on Android has been enhanced and is less offensive. The design mimics Material Design with very littlebloatware. The useless apps are gone, and the experience is smooth. The device runs on Exynos 7420 chip. Also, the device is slated to receive the new Android M. This will improve the power saving capabilities and improve fingerprint-scanning features. The auto backup will also be better, with improvements in memory tracking, management of apps and so on.

Battery Capacity

You cannot remove the battery for repairing, etc.,and it is not flexible. However, the performance offers better scope, with a 2600 mAh capacity, which is quite juicy. When this is coupled with the Exynos 64 bit, octa-core processor, the battery life offered is amazing, with about two days of juice with one charge, for normal usage. There is an additional Ultra Power Saver Mode, limiting the abilities of the phone so that you can use it for a week on a single charge.

Camera Specs

It has a 16 MP sensor with OIS and f/1.9 aperture so that a lot of light can get in, capable of taking good shots even in low light conditions. There is also the LED flash feature, enabling impressive images. All in all, it offers one of the top end point and shoot experiences in mobile phones.

Wireless Charger

The battery offers wireless charging features and supports both WPC and PMA, so you can charge it using many of the pads available in cafes and other public places. There is also a quick ten-minute charge offering a four-hour life.

Samsung Pay

The feature is offered for mobile payment and runs using the fingerprint scanner that is embedded in its Home button. It works with NFC and MST technology and offers a simple, secure payment process, resulting in a game changing experience.