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A new Cydia version named 1.1.25 and 1.1.26 are now available for the latest Apple update, the upgrades were released by a famous member of the jailbreak community, Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik). The update is free of charge and it is ready to be installed as soon as possible, needless to say that all jailbreak devotees must get their hands on the latest Cydia version.

With the releases of the iOS 9.1 update, Apple managed to make things right and solve all the loose ends, even though the latter was scheduled to be unveiled in the month of November, the fact that it was unveiled earlier means that Apple is trying really hard to get rid of all the glitches and other bugs. Apple also was quick on its feet and unveiled the 9.0.2 version in just one month and then focused on the update for the iOS 9.

Apparently the Cydia latest version version comes with a bunch of tweaks that offer more free space on one’s device, which let’s face it, does matter.

Redmond Pie strongly advises users that own a jailbroken iPad or iPhone to update to the newest Cydia version ASAP, here is a quick and useful guide on how to perform the upgrade:

Upgrading to the newest Cydia version

You will need to fire-up Cydia from your Apple device, click on Reload (see top right side) and then give it a few seconds, as soon as you see Essential Upgrade pop up, click on Complete Upgrade and you should get the newest Cydia version. Another way is to look up for the Cydia Installer and then perform the update manually, opt for the procedure you prefer, but make sure it’s done.

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