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In many quarters, you will hear that each subsequent version of the iPhone is never worlds apart from the previous ones.

Perhaps this is because of the huge expectation that the customers have, whenever they hear that a new product is in the offing. A close examination of each latest release will show a different picture. For that reason, it is good to take a more comprehensive look at the new iPhone 6 to learn about its strengths and weaknesses.

Bigger Screen and Storage

First, the iPhone 6 now has a much spacious and crisp looking 4.7-inch screen. The phone also comes with improved wireless speeds. The camera has a better autofocus than ever before. At the top end, you will find storage capacities of up to 128GB. Apple has not deviated from the past and retains iOS as the Operating System on the iPhone 6 as well. The amazing ecosystem of apps that the iPhone has is worth highlighting.

More importantly, the iPhone 6 now comes with Apple Pay, which makes payment not only smooth, but also more secure than before. In terms of design, features and performance, it would be wrong to give the iPhone 6 any mark other than 9/10. Perhaps, if there is one issue that the iPhone 6 performs poorly in, then that has to be with the battery life, which is tolerable if anything; thus, a bit of a disappointment for the users who were expecting something much better.

Better Features

The fact that the iPhone 6 is not only thin, but also elegant and performs very well should be good news with some of its more enthusiastic users. In terms of cost, the iPhone 6 is more affordable in comparison to the iPhone 6 Plus. The other features the device has that should convince you of the wisdom of buying iPhone 6 include the following:

  1. Faster A8 processors
  2. Improved cameras
  3. Faster Wi-Fi connectivity
  4. Faster LTE Cellular Data connectivity
  5. Better voice quality
  6. 7-inch screen
  7. 1334 x 750 display
  8. Proper support for Apple Pay
  9. Sleek designs
  10. Curved design
  11. Smooth metal back
  12. Smooth glass front
  13. Protruding camera lens at the back
  14. Elongated volume buttons
  15. Power or sleep button is on the right

Previously, some users have said that the thin design makes it possible for the iPhone 6 to experience a bit of bending. However, this is not the case. With better handling, just as it is the case with all Smartphone devices, iPhone 6 should be just as sturdy and durable as the rest. The phone is available in different colors and these include Silver, Gold and Space Gray. The cost of the phone is around $199, but only on contract although this would depend on other factors.