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Many people are buying all kinds of devices today.

This is because of the unique benefits these devices bring to them. If you have been considering purchasing the Moto X Style or Nexus 6 but are unsure you would be well advsied to comare the two before buying. This artcile can help you comare and decide.

There are many things that count to show how unique and exceptional a device is or can be for you. One of these things has to do with the screen resolution of the device. Where screen resolution is concerned, the Nexus 6 takes an upper leap ahead of the X Style. However, the X Style takes the lead where brightness and outside visibility is concerned.

Performance Specs Comparison

Under this category, both devices come with Qualcomm processing specs. The Nexus 6 comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor which is regulated at 2.7 GHz and supported by an Adreno 420 GPU as well as 3 GB of RAM and the X Style comes witha hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, regulated at 1.8 GHz and supported by the Adreno 418 GPU as well as 3 GB of RAM.

It is a known fact that the Snapdragon 805 coming with the Nexus 6 is older comparing the two, but it clearly doesn’t show much aging yet. This is because it has proven to be still a very capable processor aided by the stock iteration of Android it operates. Also, where the X Style is concerned, the 808 processor is very fast and smooth for everyday task runs. Also, multi-tasking on the device is so easy as well as with gaming that makes the device the best.

Hardware Specs Comparison

Where onboard storage is concerned with both devices, the Nexus 6 comes with a unique and refreshing change. The Nexus 6 comes with a base storage alternative that goes up to 32 GB and a 64 GB model available for users of power out there. There is, however, no expandable storage. Unlike some years ago when Moto X models came with no expandable storage, it is not the same as the X Style.

Expandable storage through the microSD card is accessible with the X Style to improve or add up to the storage of up to 128 GB. Where speaker quality is concerned, both devices feature dual front-facing speakers, and this allows for the best audio quality when you listen to music and watch videos or even when playing games.