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If it hadn’t been for the addition of the 3D Touch technology, the faster processor and improved cameras, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus would have been highly criticized because they look identical to their predecessors. In fact, the home button has been around for too long and there are high chances it may be removed on the next iPhone 7. This would be the biggest change we’ve been expecting.

We’re approaching November, so we’ll have to wait 10 more months until the next iPhone 7 will arrive, maybe accompanied by the phablet version. And we’re very confident that Apple is working on a new design which will blow our minds. Some tech specialists are already making assumptions, saying that there’s a 50 percent chance the iPhone 7 will come without a home button.

This could really happen now that Apple has added the 3D Touch technology, which could eliminate the home button by taking over its functions. Also, this would result in a larger screen size, by making the bezels smaller and stretching the screen’s corners to the bottom side of the device. It would be great, because the current body size would be kept and the TouchID would be moved to the side of the device, or it would be embedded in the screen, since Apple already filed a patent application. But we doubt that the company will manage to bring this new system to its upcoming iPhone 7.

Most likely, the battery capacity won’t be increased, but maybe its life will be extended using a new power saver. That’s because Apple might not want to make sacrifices in other areas, in order to achieve this goal.

The screen resolution will surely be higher and the surface will be protected with either sapphire glass or Corning’s new Project Phire. We’re hoping that the 32GB will be the lowest storage option, and there are low chances to see the new USB-C port added to the iPhone 7, because the fans barely managed to become accustomed with the Lightning, after switching from 30-pin.