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As many of you already know, Apple has released the 9.1 version a while ago, the new iOS update comes with many bug fixes along with other casual improvements. The developers worked on 150 great emojis and the most controversial and popular emoji is the middle finger.

This new update is quite nice, but if you are a fan of the jailbreak, we have some bad news coming, the iOS latest version took care of the Pangu jailbreak that came with the iOS 9.0. With other words, if you need your iPad or iPhone to remain jailbroken, you will need to stick to the previous version for now.

Well, if you are not a fan of the jailbreak version of the iOS, you can already update your device to the iOS 9.1 and enjoy all the new features that come with it.

Updating your iDevice to iOS 9.1

Before you update your iPad or iPhone to the new iOS version, we suggest you to make a backup, to do this, you can simply use iTunes and if you are an “old” iOS user, then you should already know about this.

So, first of all, install the iTunes application on your PC and tap on the “Back Up Now” button, keep in mind that the iPhone or iPad will need to be connected to the PC via an USB cable. This way, if anything goes bad while updating your iDevice to the latest iOS version, you can easily restore it using the backup file that iTunes will create.

Updating to iOS 9 from a jailbroken iOS 9

If your iPhone or iPad runs on a jailbroken iOS 9, you can’t update your device via OTA (over-the-air), you will need to use the iTunes application to go with your iDevice to the latest iOS version. To install the update, just connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC with the help of a USB cable, launch the iTunes application and reach to the Summary page. From here you will notice an “Update” button that you will need to click on, and follow the steps on the screen, you can also use the restore iPhone option, which will completely wipe your iDevice and upgrade it automatically to the new version.

For now, nobody knows when the Apple latest version will be jailbroken by PanGu or TaiG, but we will let you know when we find out more!