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If you own an iPhone or iPad you already know that Apple has released the iOS 9.1 update, unfortunately for the users who prefer to use the jailbroken version of this operating system, it seems that the hacking groups, such as TaiG or PanGu, haven’t released yet a jailbreak for this new iOS version.

According to rumors, Apple has patched all the security loopholes that PanGu team has used to jailbreak the iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, with other words, if you wish to keep your version jailbroken, don’t update your device to this newer version.

The hacking groups will most likely release a new jailbroken iOS 9.1, but this will probably take some time. If you’ve updated your iDevice to 9.1 already, then you should downgrade it to iOS 9.0.2 as soon as possible, because in short time Apple will stop signing this version.

According to Apple, this update came with patches that fix two vulnerabilities that the PanGu team used to jailbreak the operating system, until now, none of the two hacking groups that we’ve mentioned above has said anything about working on jailbreaking the iOS 9.1. With other words, the jailbreaking process of the new update might take longer as expected and if you still want to use all the tools, applications and games from Cydia, we suggest you to stick to the jailbroken version of the older iOS versions.

iOS 9.1 is definitely the major update of 2015’s iOS version that got released in September, 2015, now, the big question is which one of these two hacking groups will release first the new jailbroken version to the public and when this will happen.

Are you using a jailbroken version on your iDevice? Do you like all the tools, games and applications that are found in the Cydia store?