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Apple will have a lot of complaint about the design of the new HTC One A9, which looks exactly similar to the iPhone 6S in a number of ways.

However, HTC can point out to the HTC One M8 as being the inspiration for this device. The One A9 is another attempt by the company to revive its falling market share.


The sleek aluminum body coupled with the antenna bands that run across the top and bottom of the device make it unmistakably iPhone 6S like. It would appear similar to the normal eye, but a closer look will show that the rear camera is more oriented towards the center. A substantial change comes in the front of the HTC One A9, where the device does away with the boom sound speakers. It was a major positive attribute for HTC devices, but it is sacrificedfor the fingerprint sensor.


The Super AMOLED screen measures 5 inches in size, and it is similar to many other screens seen in recent times. It comes with a fairly standard 1080p resolution to keep costs low and provide improved battery life. The fingerprint sensor works extremely well and does away with the need to have patterns or passwords. It is extremely quick to unlock the device, but HTC may have experimented with a side placement of this feature.


The HTC One A9 is one of the first devices from HTC to come out with the Android 6.0 out of the box. A Snapdragon 617 processor has all the necessary power to run this operating system, which is becoming more stable with every generation. The processor is supported by ample amounts of RAM – 3 GB and 2 GB based on the internal memory. The model worth 32 GB of internal storage gets the larger RAM whereas the 16 GB version has to do with only 2 GB of RAM.

Battery Life

This may be the single biggest regret on the HTC One A9, as the phone only has a 2150 mAh battery to power the processor and the large display. The presence of many battery saving features on the Android 6.0 version is no longer a luxury with this device. Fortunately, the HTC One A9 also comes with fast charging option. After having sacrificed some key features, HTC has priced this product at $400.