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The internet was filled with lamentations from most parts of the world when Samsung decided not to take the Galaxy Note 5 to Europe for sale.

Well, there are so many Europeans who have been able to obtain this device anyways and are using it. This is a user review to make you understand what this latest phablet has to offer, that is if you have been considering purchasing it.

Design Features of the Note 5

The Note 5 has similar design patterns when compared to the Galaxy S6. Also, it has the Gorilla Glass. One major difference however is the rear of the device which has been curved to look like the S6 Edge and this is one feature that makes it stand out. Also, it makes using the phablet very easy. This makes it an upgrade from the Note 4 which was very difficult to use due to its flat back and thin design on the back. Most users feel they would not like the device by seeing it for the first time. However, after using it for a while this feeling changes and they begin to love it.

Although the curve design of the rear is elegant and welcoming, the glass finish is not as elegant as most users might want it to be. If you are someone who doesn’t love to use a case, because it will make the device bigger, then the Note 5 will be a problem because its slippery back requires a case to prevent it from falling from your hands.

The Note 5 takes the lead and sits on the seat of being the thinnest Note ever made in the world with its thickness at 7.6 mm. Although the thickness of the Note 5 is small, it feels very strong in the hand. However, the issue here has to do with its ability to survive when it hits the floor or ground. This is why having a case matters even if you hate cases on your phablets. The display of the Note 5 is also not very big and this has led to making the device small and compact although its features are still amazing and on top.

Bottom Line

The design of the Note 5 shows that, Samsung was very interested in cutting the size of the device before it hit the market
and they achieved that. For some users, this will seem like the best reason to buy it and for others the worse. It all depends on your preferences.