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Skype is a pretty popular VoIP service, but ever since Microsoft acquired the latter, users are more focused on privacy features and it seems that there have been several complaints about Microsoft’s payment scheme. If you are looking for other substitutes, you need to have a look at these 4 choices:


If you’re familiar with Viber app then you will enjoy LINE as well. The latter has neat features like Multiplayer games, funny stickers you can use as well as Chat rooms. You can opt for a practical call credit scheme or even a monthly subscription for calls initiated to landline/mobile numbers. The quality of the calls is excellent.


FaceTime works for Mac OS X as well as iOS and it is packed with neat elements. Your device’s camera can be used to chat with a loved one and with a simple click you can initiate a call. Heads-up: In order for this app to work flawlessly you need to own a pretty recent Apple gizmo, iMac or MackBook Air. MAC and iOS users benefit from free of charge calls.


The perfect app for business oriented individuals/organizations. It comes with free of charge calls to other VOXOX users while landlines calls come at the lowest rates. Users have the options of picking from 37 languages to translate messages plus it also has special iOS and Android apps. As far as apps for Mac OS X and Windows, these will be available in the near future.


Jitsi app’s strong point is the fact that this is the perfect choice for people who value their privacy. Of course you have audio as well as video calls available, but apart from that you can also share the screen, record a certain call and even encode it. The Jitsi app can only be used for desktop, however it is presumed that the support for mobile devices will soon arrive.