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The iPhone 6S follows the iPhone 6 and it is surely impressive, but the features may not be game changing.

The design has been tweaked and the processor speed has been ramped up. If you have not got the iPhone 6, this is the one to get. It looks similar to the previous model and also feels the same, though there are some hidden advantages.

What’s New?

The 3D touch is the new technology in the iPhone 6S. Along with this, there are also other enhancements, with improved camera and better system speed on the whole. Siri is always on, though you can turn it off. The construction of the device has been totally redesigned and the glass screen is reinforced to make it sturdier.

3D Touch

This is the new technology for touchscreen, which is pressure sensitive. The feature will surely be very useful when there are more applications in the future, but as for now, the advantages for software are still only subtle.

When you press the screen, a pop out window is seen with small menus. You can accomplish minor tasks by pushing on these and this is what is known as the 3D touch. It is a very bold technology and a cool one, but not too intuitive. It offers previews for quick actions and you can do a lot more with Mail, by peeking at mails or filing them.

Live Photos with 4K videos

After you take a picture with the front or the rear camera, it records one and half seconds before and after the shot. The photos are thus turned into little videos, with audio and can be mementos.

Enhanced Speed

The S in the name stands for speed and the iPhone 6S has a quicker A9 processer, with the RAM doubled. You can unlock the phone very quickly with just a click and jumping from one app to the other is very fast and smooth.


Though 3D Touch is amazing, many users may not know how to take the full advantage of the feature, as there is no tutorial. Also, it is not actually essential now, till the feature can be incorporated in some more applications.


The iPhone 6S is a better phone than its predecessor and offers promising upgrades. However, it cannot be said to be a revolution and does not have that one big innovation or change that will make it a must to upgrade from the iPhone 6. However, if you don’t have an iPhone and have wanted to get one for some time, this is it. You can opt for the 6S or the 6S Plus, but don’t go in for the 16 GB version.

It is better to opt for the 64 GB or the 128 GB version, as the small size will not be able to hold photos or videos, especially if you are someone who doesn’t delete much.

The 6S is surely enhanced and has improvements, but it does not move forward shockingly, except for the 3D Touch. The phone is clearly for the future, but as of now, it can only be called as an improved version of the iPhone 6.