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Having heard about a new expansion regarding “The Sims 4” game, fans got pretty excited and started to comment about the new factors and potential features that will reach this game. Even if the launch date was set for November, according to Electronic Arts the upcoming “Get Together” game was staved off until December. The explanation: developers are still trying to improve it so that the gaming experience will be off the chart.

According to Lyndsay Pearson (senior game producer) “Your enthusiasm and feedback inspired us to work even harder to make sure that this pack is everything it could be. So we’ve decided to take a little more time to work on the expansion pack.”

She continues saying” We’re taking this time to add more polish and depth into the core of The Sims 4 Get Together. We think this time will allow us to make the experience even bigger, better, and cooler. We’re working on some new items and features that we really think you’re going to love”.

This upcoming expansion reveals a whole new Windenburg world, where Sims can interact in private Clubs that are created by gamers. This will be the hot spot where Sims can make new connections. According to the developers, this Windenburg world was created to represent the amalgam of cultures that exists throughout Europe. Developers strived to create the best replica of such a world, thus Sim enthusiasts will experience something totally new.

The masterminds behind this concept experimented will all kinds of architectural structures and in the end they picked a Tudor modern style. “A mix of contemporary construction and the kind of buildings built during the 16th century in England” this is how this style was depicted. The blueprints that were showcased in a blog post are presumed to gives gamers several cues on how the original ones in the game will look like. Gamers should look forward in seeing an Old Town and other islands that will be located right in the center of Windenburg Lake.

Important: “The Sims 4: Get Together” will be made available in North America on December the 8th followed by a worldwide launch during the same week.