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Tizen operating system, which is backed heavily by Samsung, occupies very less of the market share when compared with the likes of Android and iOS.

However, this operating system was very well received on the Samsung Galaxy Z1. It has given Samsung the confidence to go into a successor for this device. The company goes straight to the Samsung Galaxy Z3 (by skipping the Z2) in order to firmly position this operating system’s place in the industry.


The lengthy criticism faced following the failure of recent phones like the Galaxy S5 prompted Samsung into a major rethinking in terms of design. The company appears to be benefiting from the rethink, as phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z3 are extremely good and offer a reasonable premium feel.


Most of the specifications seen on this device have already appeared on the Galaxy S3 a few years ago. This is especially true in the case of the resolution, which is 720p on a 5 inch screen. The screen size is a little bit bigger than the display on the Galaxy S3, but it does not make any compromises with regard to pixel density. It is just under 300 PPI and should be more than sufficient for buyers in this price range. As with every other Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy Z3 has the Super AMOLED technology up its sleeve.


An eight megapixel camera without much fanfare offers basic features like autofocus and LED flash. More details about the camera features will be available once the phone is released officially by the company. It should support features like 1080p video recording, which have become common in this price range. A strong selling point would be the five megapixel front camera, which more than matches with what even bigger phones will struggle to offer.


This phone might have struggled with a demanding operating system like the Android 6.0 OS. This is due to the relatively moderate specifications like the quad core 1.3 GHz processor which is paired with 1 GB of RAM. However, these specifications should be just in line for the Tizen OS. A number of power saving features have been incorporated into this operating system so as to bring out the maximum from the 2600 mAh battery. Compared with the Galaxy S3, which had similar specifications including a minor advantage in terms of reduced screen size, the Galaxy Z3 should fare better. It should be priced comparatively similar to its predecessor.