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What’s New?

The flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 is no longer the usual plastic build and comes in glass on both sides. The battery has been sealed in and the microSD card for storage expansion has been ditched. This has been done in order to keep the phone slim and svelte. As for the software, it makes use of the Android 5.0, version, Lollipop, which is much less bloated.

Dimensions and Display

It has dimensions of 5.6 x 2.8 x 0.27 inches and weighs 138 grams. It is easy to grip and looks very similar to the iPhone 6. The screen size remains at 5.1 inches, but the resolution has been increased to AMOLED technology, with 2560 x 1440 p, and a pixel density of 577.

TouchWiz Refined

TouchWiz interface is layered over Android, but is more refined and less heavy. Samsung’s additions have been scaled back and there is more emphasis on the Material Design from Google. The layout is simple within the Android framework. Tutorials help you to turn S Voice, fingerprint scanning and other features. Many of Samsung’s programs, such as Milk, S Health, S Voice are still there and you can select more from the Galaxy Gifts or the Galaxy Essentials.

Additional Features

Enhanced screen sensitivity has ben built in the display. You can navigate the screen using a nail. There is also a parallax effect while rotating the display from one side to the other with additional dimension.

Fingerprint Reader

The enhanced reader allows you to unlock the phone and can also be used for setting up the phone to make mobile payment with the use of Samsung Pay. You can also use other payment applications, such as Google Pay with the NFC technology.

Camera App

The phone comes with a 16 MP camera and a lens upgrade to 4/1.9. It includes OIS, so shaky shots are smoothened out. The auto HDR feature automatically adjusts white balance and there is no need to stop for improving scenes, such as landscapes. The front camera is a 5 Mp one and offers improvement in low light conditions.


The battery is not removable and storage is not expandable. In addition, the backing is highly reflective and the battery life does fall short when compared to last year’s model. Though non-expandable storage and non removable batteries are quite common in the smartphone field, Samsung has always been known for offering a removable battery and additional options for storage till now.


With all the changes incorporated, the S6 is sure to win back fans that have strayed away from Samsung. Samsung follows the example of Apple and offers Samsung Pay. In addition it offers wireless charging and is compatible with Gear VR, Virtual reality feature, which is not seen even in iPhones. All this is sure to reverse the trend of sagging sales of Samsung smartphones. However, those insistent of a microSD card and a removable battery might not find the device appealing.