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Microsoft’s Windows 10 is definitely an impressive operating system, one that has swept many users of their feet. But, it seems that there might be several glitches on the horizon, if you are on the lookout for a solution to your problem regarding the OS, check out this informative guide. We’ve listed a few potential snags and their solutions.

Sluggish Software

If you’re also experiencing a sluggish software, you need to have a look at the Updates section or you can go to Properties and click on the Compatibility window. This should fix it.

Battery Life Span

Having trouble with your battery life span? This is not uncommon when operating systems are launched. Several users have been signaling some sort of bug that apparently drains 10% of the battery. A simple way to cut back the drainage of the battery is to decrease the brightness. You can also enable the battery saver or simply deactivate notifications that might be running randomly in the background.

Readjusting The touch Pad

Adjusting your touch pad might be another unpleasant situation that you might encounter, especially when it comes to operating systems. But, unfortunately there is not much you can do on your own, Microsoft needs to solve this one. However, you can go to the Device manager (see control panel) and uninstall and then reinstall the drivers. This may or may not fix it. But it’s worth a shot.

Default Applications

Upgrading to Windows 10, might involve a situation regarding the operating system and the fact that there are default apps opening files. However, if you tap on System and Default apps you can opt for another one. And do not forget to click on the prompt that says “Always open with this app”, and problem solved.

If none of the fixes work, and you encounter a serious glitch, you might want to reinstall the OS. For this, go to the start button, and then go to the update and recovery option, click on recovery, and then reset your PC. This is the crudest, yet the most efficient way to get rid of most of the glitches.