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The fact that a new iOS 9 jailbreak came out so soon took the jailbreaking community by surprise. To be honest, most of us expected the latter jailbreak to be unveiled after the iOS 9.1 update, but surprise surprise… it is here! Check out this list of 5 Cydia tweaks down below:


BreadcrumbsAway is the perfect jailbreak tweak that will eliminate back links found in apps. If you find them irritating and you do not like the status bar to be messy, you need to use the BreadcrumbsAway tweak.


Some applications mighty not contain the 3D Touch Quick Actions, that is why a tweak moniker Shortcuts will immediately add them and can even improve the apps that have the latter element. Besides giving 3D Touch Quick Actions, Shortcuts also offers Spotify and its own shortcuts which might come in handy.


The News app is sadly only available in the US, but if you own a jailbroken iPhone device, you can get your hands on the app by setting-up the NewsoftheWorld tweak, give it a try.


This brand new app switcher will make an impression on you. With it, you will see all of your applications laid out and it will also scroll in a different direction that in iOS 8. If you desperately want to alter the direction in which the app switcher functions, Switcher Tweak will do the job.


The Hey Siri element was introduced in iOS 8 and it ca be used while your phone is plugged in. A simple voice command and Siri will obey. However, with the iPhone 6s device, the Hey Siri feature works even if your device is not plugged in, but for older iPhones, having the newest plugging in is a must.

With the UntetheredHeySiri tweak, you can forget about plugging in your iPhone, because it works either way. Note: This functions on iOS 8 running devices as well.