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Teenagers around the world are spending more of their free time playing games, reading, talking with friends or watching videos on YouTube.

Interestingly, the young viewers also tend to be the main creators of videos on YouTube. Young viewers play a crucial role in the expansion of YouTube around the world. Give a teenager a Smartphone or a tablet and he is likely to dash to YouTube, search for all manner of content and watch videos.

Teens Prefer YouTube to TVs

The result is that more teenagers are now turning off their television sets and spending more time on YouTube. Young viewers are either watching content that the other users uploaded or uploading their own content. As much as they spend a considerable amount of time on YouTube, you will struggle to find them on content that the cable or broadcast networks produced. The last item you will catch them watching is news-related. They prefer entertainment channels on YouTube.

YouTube Kids

It is for these reasons that YouTube has launched a new app called YouTube Kids. The new app is full of controls that kids will find easier to use. More importantly, the new app comes with a raft of restrictions that ensures parents can control what their kids intend to watch on YouTube. It is worth pointing out that YouTube has some abusive and dark corners, which parents must keep their children far away from for their own safety.

Young Viewers Support YouTube’s Expansion

When the app was launched, users downloaded it more than 2.5 million times in just the first month. YouTube now works with young creators to come up with family-friendly content. It is now common to find young people working with YouTube to come up with educational content. YouTube says that one of its anchors throughout history has always been original videos that target the younger audience, thus the desire to continue along this path.

Most Viewers Turning into Creators

YouTube only accepts users who are 13 years or older to own or open accounts. Uploading videos and commenting on the same would only be possible for the users who are 13 years old or more. More young viewers are transitioning to become creators on YouTube. This year, the number of hours spent on YouTube watching videos increased by as much as 50 percent. A large portion of these viewers uploaded short and quirky videos thereafter, thus helping YouTube to expand.

Finally, viral videos have played a huge role in drawing in more young viewers to YouTube. Once drawn, the young viewers also endeavor to create their own short and entertaining videos full of enthusiasm, which they hope will soon go viral. YouTube has turned into a social media platform as well, where new friendships and connections form, thus also ensuring that YouTube expands around the world.