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It is normal to curse whenever you receive promptings asking you to download the latest updates of the antivirus program that you installed to protect your PC or Mac.

On the other hand, the task would not be simple if you need protection for more than one computer within your network without forgetting the tablets and smartphones that are all over your house. Other Internet of Things items that would need adequate protection include:

  • Smart TV
  • Home security or surveillance systems
  • Connected thermostat

Prioritize Protection

If your home contains several devices that are connected to the Internet, identifying the best protection for them should be on top of your list of priorities. This is where investing in a Bitdefender Box would provide you with the ideal solution for all your Internet of Things. In fact, after installing the Box, you will not have to consider spending money on anti-malware or antivirus programs ever again.

Importance of Lightweight Agent

However, the Bitdefender box needs lightweight agent on all the devices that are part of your Internet of Things to work and produce amazing results. The concept of a box is a brilliant one from Bitdefender. It has several similarities with hardware firewall. It is capable of preventing unauthorized access to the home network on which your Internet of Things depends. It does an amazing work without inhibiting outbound traffic to the Internet.

Protection via Cloud

The anti-malware and antivirus protection that Bitdefender Box provides is through the Cloud. In fact, the protection caters for all the devices that are part of your network. To enjoy this protection, you have to install the agent on all your tablets, smartphones and laptops. Once connected, the devices will enjoy adequate protection even when you are out in the wilderness trying to access the Internet through a dubious Wi-Fi connection.

Protection against Apps

However, it is worth mentioning that apps present the only viable way through which to communicate with the Bitdefender Box. Therefore, you should install the app on your tablet or smartphone. The lack of user interface on the agent that you install on PC or Mac in addition to absence of a portal and web app makes the task a tad difficult as well. At this time, Bitdefender has not announced if it plans to build a portal soon to address this problem.

After installation, the Bitdefender box will embark on identifying all the devices to which it is connected. All the devices that the app identifies will fall into two categories, namely, Friend and Guest. If you ever doubted the strength of your passwords, installing Bitdefender Box app will provide you with a better answer. Where some passwords are missing, the app will also bring this information to your knowledge.

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