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Businesses can now dedicate their time on YouTube without worrying about the wasted moments.

YouTube provides businesses with a platform to market their products directly or through ads. At first, businesses were only able to post their clickable ads on actual YouTube videos. Google has now seen it best to introduce the Buy Button on YouTube, thus making it possible for buyers and sellers to do a bit of business.

New Feature on Ads and Videos

YouTube offers its users a much larger platform than entertainment. It is also great for learning new skills. It allows the users to find more information in any area that they find interesting. YouTube also offers the users the chance to shop for products and services. With all this progress, YouTube has now seen the importance of adding the Buy Button feature on ads and videos. This new feature enables advertisers to display details of their products.

Weapon against Competition

YouTube has taken this measure as a way of standing up to the competition that platforms, such as Facebook, present. Facebook has been gaining a lot of the market that YouTube was not addressing with some of its features. Google has seen the dangers of failing to monetize YouTube on time, which is something that Facebook did remarkably well. Google also announced that search results on YouTube will now also come with the Buy Now feature.

Direction to the Retailer’s Website

With this new feature, viewers will now be able to go directly to the retailer’s website with only a single click on the YouTube ad. This eliminates the need for searches, thus saving the viewer a lot of time. The elimination of searches is also great news for advertisers and businesses that can now look forward to increased conversion and response time from the time a viewer opens a YouTube video to the minute he places an order.

Fitting Call to Action

YouTube had seen an increase in the popularity of tutorial and product review videos in the recent past. Consequently, the increasing popularity of such videos had to be followed by a call to action. At present, the Buy Button on such videos offers viewers the chance to buy whatever they find interesting. By taking this step, YouTube is merely following the examples laid down by other social media platforms, which have also transformed into shopping hubs.

Monetizing YouTube

Lastly, while the addition of the Buy Now feature might be Google’s strategy to monetize YouTube, there is little doubt that the app will prove popular with buyers across the world. Whether viewers will actually click on the Buy Button remains to be seen, although some retailers have began posting some remarkable results in terms of viewer response to this very specific call to action. The new feature will be profitable to businesses advertising on YouTube.