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Having a strong phone battery matters a lot where benefiting from these phones are concerned.

So, it will be better to relax and try to find ways in which you can protect your battery no matter what. If you do not make it a point to take very good care of your Z3 battery, there is no way it will happen. You are the only one who can decide how long your battery stays. Although it is true that these batteries come with their very own lifespan when fully charged, the way you use it can enhance its use or deteriorate its worth even more.

Turn All Features You Do Not Need Off

A lot of times, there are so many tips that are taken seriously where the protection of battery power is concerned. However, most people forget that they need to turn off all unnecessary features on their Z3. There are some features you need to turn off like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Although turning these features off matter, they do not make such a huge difference in keeping your battery alive for a longer time period. Just make sure you turn off many features to make a huge change.

Some of the features include GPS, location modes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others will help to keep your power always on and strong. Some apps like Wireless Minder can make sure wireless radios are turned off when you do not need to use them. Also, you can make use of Tasker to set profiles up to make sure some features are disabled in specific locations or at specific times.

Sony makes sure its devices come with their unique battery boosters which is called the Stamina Mode.  You will find this booster under the Power Management setting. This can disable some features to make sure you obtain more life from your batteries without making you miss something vital.

Check Apps of Z3 Device to Know Which Apps are Draining More

The battery status page of Android is filled with information. Yes, it can tell you which apps or operations on your Z3 that is draining more of your battery power. In some instances, you might be able to find out that older applications are the root of your battery weakening problem. In such cases, you can have them updated to solve these battery problems.